Serena Kuring

Kuring aims to communicate how synesthesia manifests itself within the complexities of the brain and the impact this has on and individual’s perception of reality. It highlights the idea that not everybody sees and processes the world in the same way, invites consideration regarding our appreciation and understanding of the diversity of others? 

Serena Kuring graduated with first class Honours from James Cook University, Cairns, having completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visual Art Major) in 2014 and received the Academic Medal for Bachelor Course work.

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Picture: Stewart Mclean Source: CairnsPost 2013
Serena Kuring is an Australian visual artist currently studying a Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Arts.

​Serena's research focusses on the capacity for visual works of art to reveal the lived experience of synesthesia. Synesthesia is commonly known as a condition where a person experiences once sense modality that simultaneously, automatically and involuntarily stimulates a seemingly unrelated sense modality, such as seeing a colour when a particular musical note is heard. 

Kuring’s own experience with synesthesia is often explored through a series of encaustic applications, drawings, paintings, sculpture, digital film, sound and animation that aim to communicate the music, colour and memory of a synesthetic mind.